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8 Responses

  1. David Farcus
    2015/04/24 23:32:15

    I was looking for a drawing/datasheet for stacked RJ25 modules. I need at least stacked pairs (one on top, one on bottom) but groups of 4 or 8 would be better.

  2. Darrell Frycz
    2015/07/07 19:05:05


    I’m looking to get a price and delivery on 1000 pc’s of 4P4C 616W.

    my address is

    Darrell Frycz
    200 Chestnut Ave
    Northfield, Ohio

    Thank You

    Darrell Frycz

  3. sarawut
    2016/01/21 09:39:19

    Dear Sir,

    I’m interested in your product RJ45 CAT.5E PCB Connector from your web site. Your product matches the model that we used on my product follow attach file. Cloud you please find your product and quote at quantity 6,000 pcs. , 10,000 pcs. and send specification , drawing to me. In case of any question. Please let us know. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your prompt reply.

    Best Regards,

  4. Yuri Latushkin
    2016/03/29 16:26:51

    i’d asked about top entry PCB jack 6P4C, 4P4C from using ALIBABA and received quotaion from Daniel/

    “”Hi YURI
    Dear Yuri,
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    We are professional manufacturer of RJ Modular jacks.
    Quotation as below: (FOB PRICE)
    Top entry 6p4c:  
    Top entry 6p2c:  
    Drawing attached.

    i’d like to make correctly order:

    1. PCB jack 52-01-64-1-X-X-1-3-3100 pcs.
    2. PCB jack 52-01-44-1-X-X-1-3-3100 pcs.

    With respect


    • admin
      2016/03/31 08:27:50

      Hi Yury,

      I have reply you email to  ,have you received it yet?

      Thanks for your comments,if any question please send email to


  5. Ricardo guaman
    2016/12/14 08:18:09

    We are interested in your jacks rj45 top entry smt we need quote of 100 units.
    I need the following references.
    Ref. Qty
    52-02-88-40 100
    52-06-8802111. 100

  6. David Marrel
    2019/03/13 22:05:49

    we are looking forward to getting better vendor on rj45.

    • henglian
      2019/03/18 11:44:56

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We are mfg on RJ45, rj11,please send offer in detail so that we can make quotation.
      Best regards

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