Modular Plug 8P4C Short body type

Modular plug 8p4c short body type

Modular plug 8p4c short body type

We provide varied types of Modular Plugs, such as standard plugs,short body plug, left position plug, UK plugs, shielded and unshielded plugs. All the plugs are constructed one piece, contacts been preloaded and the size is very compact. Our plugs are available for the both round cable and flat cable entry.

Product Type:  Connector
1. Category :  Cat 5e
2. Cable Style :  Flat Cable Entry
3. Number of Positions :  8 Positions
4. Number of Contacts Loaded :  4 Contacts
5. w/ or w/o Shielded :  w/o
6. Latch Style :  Standard
7. Conductor(wire) Size :  24-26AWG
1. Voltage and Current :  250V AC max at 2 amps
2. Dielectric :  With standing 500volts AC
3. Insulation Resistance :  35mega ohms
4. Termination Resistance :  35mega ohms
Mechanical :
1. Cable-to-Plug tensile strength :  20LBs(89N)Min
2. Durability:  500 mating cycles

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